Dr. Pratapsinh Kakaso Desai

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In our ongoing commitment to enhance professional ideals and standards for all ISTE stakeholders, we are pleased to announce that the Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) has partnered with Vivenns Global Private Ltd., which is the sole authorised reseller for Veri Once in India, to streamline credential issuance, verification, sharing, and management. Utilizing blockchain technology, Veri Once ensures the security and reliability of shared credentials, thereby significantly reducing the time and costs associated with traditional verification methods.
As part of this agreement, ISTE will promote all students and faculty/teaching staff members to use Veri Once platform for credential verification to uphold the reputation and integrity of genuine credentials globally. Additionally, ISTE will issue all certificates related to memberships and training through Veri Once for better accountability.
This pioneering initiative safeguards the reputation of Indian technical education helping students and teachers from engineering and technology domains. The immutability of records on the blockchain also provides transparency and auditability.
Executive Secretary
ISTE New Delhi