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The Indian Journal of Technical Education is published by the Indian Society for Technical Education on quarterly basis with the aim to provide an appropriate platform presenting well considered, meaningful, constructively thought provoking, non-political and non-controversial but critically analyzing and synthesizing present and future aspects of Technical Education System with particular reference to our country. The contributors are expected to highlight various issues of Technical Education (incorporating disciplines of Engineering, Technology, Management, Architecture & Pharmacy, etc.,) along with meaningful suggestions for solution, refinement and innovations.
Hints for Preparation on Manuscript
  • ISTE is a peer reviewed Journal. 
  • The Authors are fully responsible for the contributions. 
  • Copyright clearance will be the sole responsibility of authors for their papers.
  • The paper should be mainly based on various aspects of Technical Education only-preferably a qualitative one. 
  • The Journal is NOT meant for publication of specialised research results in any discipline of Technical Education. 
  • The paper should be limited to 15 printed pages of the Journal. 
  • Manuscript MUST be submitted in duplicate, prepared as per the ISTE Guidelines.
  • Neatly prepared illustrations (minimum possible) are to be enclosed separately. 
  • Enough precaution should be taken to make the manuscript error free. 
  • Soft Copy of the manuscript MUST accompany Hard Copy. Without Soft Copy, paper will not be entertained. 
  • In view of the large responses from Technical Education fraternity and limited space available in the Journal, the publication may take usually 6 months to 1 year from the date of receipt of the manuscript subject to approval by the reviewers. 
  • All contributors are requested to please co-operate by observing the above mentioned Guidelines strictly while sending the paper for publication in the Indian Journal of Technical Education.
Note: Articles will be selected by the Editorial Board and are subject to editorial modification, if necessary.
IJTE solicits paper and articles of original, principled research papers dealing with theoretical, methodological, empirical and application-related aspects of technical education. Papers must clearly demonstrate relevance to pedagogical techniques in the field of engineering and technology, Management studies, Pharmacy, Hotel Management and Information Technology.
All submissions should describe original and unpublished work. Research papers should describe results of systems development and/or empirical or theoretical analysis. A small number of “review paper”, “survey paper” and “theme papers” will also be accepted. These should synthesize and examine broad issues in the field. Authors are encouraged to submit reports on work-in-progress as short papers. 
Please follow the “Guidelines for submitting the papers” which is given below. All papers must be submitted electronically to ISTE along with an undertaking for the originality, IPR and copyright issues. The full details of the author and their home institution (if any) should be given for correspondence. All the full papers and review papers will be peer reviewed or double blind refereed. For any further clarifications regarding the submission of the papers kindly contact us at the following address:

The Chief Editor
(Indian Journal of Technical Education)
Indian Society for Technical Education
Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg
Near Katwaria Sarai
New Delhi - 110016
Tel : 011-26513542, 011-26963431
Fax : 011-26852421

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