Dr. Pratapsinh Kakaso Desai 

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     Prof. Vijay D. Vaidya

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How to Establish an ISTE Students Chapter



     The Institution, where the Chapter is to be established, must have been approved by the AICTE and also must be an Institutional Member of ISTE.


     Enroll at least by filling up the application forms and returning them to ISTE Headquarters alongwith the membership fee by way of a DD in favour of "ISTE, New Delhi". Please don’t club the student membership fee with faculty membership fee as there is a separate account of student membership.  Cards to students will be issued for entire duration of the course initially in their first year.


On receiving the above, ISTE office will send you the following :

Student Chapter Formation Certificate

​​Cards to respective students


     On receipt of the above details, convene a meeting of the ISTE Student members to elect the following office bearers and send the list to ISTE Headquarters :

                    –       Student Chairperson

                    –       3 to 7 members       
Arrange the inauguration of the Chapter in a befitting function and conduct the following activities:
        Organise weekly quiz programmes for members.
        Organise lectures by experts from industry, R&D organisations, defence services, government departments and other institutions.
        Coaching programme for writing competitive examinations and attending job interview.
        Training programme on report writing, Project Management
        Cultural programmes
        Counselling Services
        Entrepreneurship development programmes
        Lectures on Moral Values and Ethics
        Discussions, brain-storming sessions, group activities
        Training in public speaking   
        Training in becoming a Master Student
        Visits to industry, work sites
        Programmes in leadership and personality development  
        Training in co-operative learning        
        Training on Environmental Awareness
        Training on Basic Management Skills
         Minimum strength to establish ISTE student chapter (first time) in AICTE approved institution is 100 students  or 50% of annual intake (whichever is less) at a time provided institute is institutional member of ISTE first.
             The proportionate share of the Bank interest on the Life Membership fee shall be remitted to the Chapter on receipt of the satisfactory report of Activities and Audited Statement of Accounts for the preceding year from the Chapter through proper channel. The request for the release of the Chapter share should be sent to the Headquarters during the month of July of every year.  Student Chapter can retain their share 50% of basic fee out of total fee collected and send the rest amount to ISTE Delhi for necessary action.