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ISTE Students Primer


ISTE is a National Professional Organisation of Engineering Teachers and Administrators in Technical Education. ISTE has membership of 60,000 persons from various institutions and industry in the field of Engineering, Mnagement, Architecture, Pharmacy, Hotel Management and Fine Arts and has 900 Faculty Chapters in different institutions in the country. At present, there are 927 Students Chapter with more than 1.93 lakh student members.

Learning is a process largely in the realm of students. They should have the necessary generic skills to become better and effective learners. These include skills in listening, takng notes, reading, preparing for exams, writing the exams, time management, cooperative learning, communication, creative thinking etc. In order to help the students to perform better, a Students' Primer with valuable contributions from Leading, highly qualified and well experienced teachers in the Country  has been brought out. All the articles are written by renowned academics, educational planners and experienced persons associated with technical education for along period. The deal with the different aspects of teaching, learning and management process of the technical education system for every student these articles provide a valuable insight and useful information about the functioning of the system in the country and the challenges in the wake of privatisation and globalisation.

All the students' Chapter will get one copy as complementary and subsequent copies can be obtained from the following address by placing order:

Prof. R. Hariharan

Projects Coordinator

Indian Society for Technical Education

Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg, Near Katwaria Sarai

New Delhi - 110 016

Phone : 011-26513542, 26963431

Fax : 011-26852421

Email :   /

 PRICE - Rs.200/-