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A Section of the ISTE may be constituted in any State/Union Territory of the Indian Union if the number of ISTE Membership within its geographical limit is 500 or more.

When two or more contiguous States/Union Territories have each less than 500 members, the Executive Council shall have the power to constitute a common Section among them. Also, a State/Union Territory having a membership less than 500, may be associated with a Section in a neighbouring State/Union Territory with the approval of the Executive Council. 

 Management of Sections

The affairs of the Section shall be managed by a Managing Committee, the composition of which shall be as follows:

a)   Chairperson
b)   Immediate past-Chairperson
c)   Honorary Secretary-cum-Treasurer
d)   Not less than 3 but not more than 5 members elected by the General Body of the Section.*
e)   Elected/nominated National Executive Council Members of the Section.

{*EXPLANATION : Elected members shall be 3 for Sections with membership of 500. One more member shall be elected for every additional 1500 members. However, the total number of elected members shall not exceed 5.}

The Chairperson of the Section shall be elected, from among the Life Members of the section and who is/had been a faculty member in a technical institution and has been a Life Member for ten years, by the Chairpersons of Chapters of the said Sections, and shall hold office for three years.

The Honorary Secretary-cum-Treasurer shall be elected by the members of the Section Managing Committee from amongst the Life Members of the ISTE in that Section.

The Section Managing Committee shall meet as often as is necessary; but at least twice in a year.

The General Body meeting of the Section shall be held once a year at least a month prior to the Annual General Body meeting of the Society. It is mandatory that the audited statement of accounts be placed and be accepted. 

 Section Headquarters

Section headquarters shall be located preferably either in the State Capital or in any other strategic place with the prior approval of ISTE headquarters.

Every section should preferably have its own headquarters building and till such time a building is constructed or becomes available, the section office can function either from any technical institution/chapter or any rented premises or other suitable place with minimum expenditure on supporting staff. 

The Seventeen Sections of ISTE are as follows:

Andhra Pradesh

Assam and Eastern States

Bihar & Jharkhand






Madhya Pradesh & CG

Maharashtra & Goa


Punjab, Chandigarh, H.P. & J&K



Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry

Uttar Pradesh & Uttaranchal

West Bengal